Meet Kelsey

Hi & Welcome! 

I'm Kelsey! I am a Flight Attendant and Photographer based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I received my undergrad in Graphic Design in St. Paul, MN. My love for photography started when I was 14 and I learned to shoot using a basic film camera that I borrowed. Although I am primarily a digital photographer now, I still shoot film for fun on my Pentax K1000. (I love the simplicity of only having the basics!)

I photograph portraits, weddings and events, and I do some travel photography for fun. 

I would describe my photography as colorful and candid. I love recording the vibrancy of moments with my lens. I am a smiley person, and I think that my photos reflect that! 

I love traveling so feel free to ask me to come somewhere far away to capture some photos for you! 

Click through my photos and send me a message if you feel like we would work well together. I hope to meet you! 


Phone: (608)314-5357